Reading with Rory began as a collaboration by three friends who love books, podcasts and Gilmore Girls. Meet the three brilliant women behind the mics:


Erin Rider

Erin has only seen Gilmore Girls twice and has mixed feelings on Rory's later years. She loves podcasts and references them constantly in daily conversation. Erin lives in Boston, MA where she spends her time working, reading for this podcast, working, exploring New England, working, and sleeping...sometimes.


Lis Thomas

Lis is an unabashed bibliophile that relates to Rory’s obsession with her book shelves and libraries. If she is not reading books, student essays, or Twitter, she is working, watching too much TV, or eating.


Sara Thomas

Sara has seen Gilmore Girls more than twice and dressed up as Richard Gilmore for a series finale viewing party, to great acclaim. She lives in Holladay UT and can be found researching Utah state laws, going on easy hikes, and singing showtunes alone in her car. She's a history nut who can probably beat you at Trivial Pursuit if there are no science questions.